What will a Nanny Cost?

Salaries vary depending on age and experience and the duties involved. however they generally range from:

  • Live-in Nanny (full time) £350-£450 net per week
  • Daily Nanny (full time) £500-£600 net per week
  • Part-time/temporary Nanny £11-£12 net per hour
  • After-school nanny £11-£13 net per hour
  • Live in Mothers Help £250-£300 net per week
  • Daily Mothers Help £400-£500 net per week
  • Part-time Mothers Help £10-£11 net per hour
  • Nanny share £6-£7 net per hour per family
  • Maternity nurse £750-£950 per week – single baby (24 hours/6 days)
  • £850-£1000 per week – twins/triplets (24 hours/6 days)
  • Night nanny £130-£170 per night (9pm – 7am)

Tax and National Insurance

As an employer you are required to deduct tax and National Insurance from a nanny's salary. Failure to do this could make you liable for arrears of tax and will lead to your nanny being unable to claim benefits or realise his or her state pension in years to come. Inland Revenue provide simplified documentation for employers of nannies. For further inquiries regarding tax and national insurance you can ring the Employer's Helpline on 0845 226 2203.

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